Your business may only be small, but when it comes to the benefits a website can provide to any business, size is irrelevant. Simply put, if you don’t have a website, it is highly likely that you’re losing business to people that do. If potential customers don’t know your business exists, how can they choose you over your competitor?

A website is even essential for businesses that don’t have products that are sold online. Why? Because your competitors are doing it! Now, we’re not advocating the whole ‘if he jumps off a cliff, will you jump off a cliff?’ mentality, but unfortunately if your competitor is online and you’re not, the harsh reality is that you’re not going to get a look in. So even if it’s a brochure style website that showcases your products or services and prompts potential customers to contact you, at least your name is out there in the big bad web world (the same reason thousands of businesses pay a bazillion dollars to be listed in the Yellow Pages year after year).

A website also provides a pretty huge return on investment. Unlike print advertising like flyers, brochures etc, where if you need to change something you have to reprint them, a website can have changes made and the new information is made available instantly. So your website can save you money in advertising and printing costs. Also, it can significantly cut down the time you have to spend answering phone calls and answering tedious off-the-topic emails – the contact forms on your site can be created to request only the exact information you want from your customers.

Not to mention your website is theoretically available to every single person in the world. Try doing THAT with a newspaper ad!

What is the main benefit of your website? How has your website helped you run your business more efficiently?