‘Twas 10 weeks until Christmas…

‘Twas 10 weeks until Christmas…

It’s 10 weeks until Christmas. That’s not actually that far away, and you know how these things just creep up on you… believe me, I do. I’m suddenly 37 weeks pregnant, and in 9 weeks I’ll have a 2 year old! *insert “what have we done!!!!” freak out here*

So to help you get organised for Christmas, and in turn help me get as much done as possible before Jumpbaby arrives, I’ve decided to offer you this…

Early Bird Christmas Card Offer

Offer 1: Single-sided 6″x4″ photo cards, full colour, with free magnets on the reverse side so your family and friends can stare at your beautiful faces on their fridge all year round (because I don’t know about you, but I get the guilts ‘removing’ people from my fridge). Minimum order of 10, but you’re not restricted to multiples of 10 for these ones

Offer 2: Double-sided postcard sized photo cards, full colour front side and greyscale reverse. Available in batches of 10

Both these offers are $1.50 per card – that’s it! That’s a saving of 50c on the single-sided cards, and a whopping $1 off the postcard style cards.

Orders need to be placed and paid for by 31st October, but you don’t have to provide your photos until you’ve finished your cover-the-cute-kid-in-tinsel photo shoot or whichever way you choose to commemorate this occasion! The theme we’re going for this year is make-sure-the-toddler-doesn’t-gouge-out-his-baby-sibling’s-eyes :)

You can pick from any of these aptly named photo Christmas card designs:


What are you waiting for?!

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