It’s a new year, so what better time to get organised! We focus a lot on getting our houses, workspaces and bodies refreshed for the new year, but it’s easy to forget the other big place we spend a lot of our time – the digital world!

4 quick ways you can organise your digital clutter

  1. Clean out your email inbox. Delete old promo emails you no longer need, unsubscribe to things that no longer fit with you, delete junk mail (after you’ve gone through and made sure nothing is in there by accident!).
  2. Set up/check your computer and phone backup schedules. If you’ve ever had a device die and you’ve lost valuable data or photos, you’ll understand the importance of backup up your files! If you haven’t, don’t wait until it’s too late – it DOES happen without warning. Personally, I have my computer files backing up daily, and keeping backups for 1 month. My backup drive then automatically deletes older, out-of-date backups and makes sure there’s always enough disk space for new backups.
  3. Go through your files and folders. Delete old bits and pieces you no longer need, organise photos into the months/year they were taken and put them into a 2014 folder, etc. It’s much easier to be productive and focus with a tidy folder structure.
  4. Icons be gone! Have a look at your desktop – if you’ve got a billion icons on there that you never use, delete them. You can still access the programs from the program menu, so you’re only deleting the unused desktop shortcuts. If you do need to keep them all, consider organising them into folders or into sections.

Once you’ve done that, sit back, take a deep breath and smile – you’re all ready for the year ahead!