Backup & Update Plan

Your website is built in the flexible and ever-evolving WordPress platform. As WordPress is constantly growing and changing, and so are the third-party developed plugins that are used on your site, it’s important that these are kept up-to-date at all times. OTherwise, you may start to notice glitches – or your customers might.

Jump Online offers a Backup & Update Plan invoiced at $85 per quarter. This allows us one hour per quarter (which is a modest estimate of the time actually taken!) and covers the following.

Backup & Update Plan
$85 per quarter
Backups of your website and database are taken on a regular basis
WordPress is kept at the latest and most secure version (this is the infrastructure of your website)
All plugins are kept up-to-date
Your website theme is kept up-to-date
Any conflicts occurring after updating WordPress/plugins/themes are discovered and resolved as soon as possible!