Our Top 5 Branding Tips

Our Top 5 Branding Tips

Think about when you’re walking down the café strip, and trying to decide which café to buy your coffee from. Throughout the decision making process, you are (perhaps subconsciously) judging these cafes – their look, their vibe, their staff, their aroma, their clientele. You then make your decision ultimately on their overall look and feel. Whichever café you chose, aspects of their brand appealed to you.

Branding is the absolute starting point for any business. There’s little point to having a business if no-one can remember it, or knows what it is.

Here are our top 5 tips when branding your business:

  1. Be professional
    Even on a miniscule budget, any money spent on creating the right brand for your business is money well spent. A wordart ‘logo’ knocked together in Microsoft Word (or worse still, Paint) is not going to create a professional image for your business, and certainly won’t make your business look profitable! Brand consists of more than just a logo – it is the whole message being transmitted by your business. Start as you wish to continue.
  2. Be obvious
    From a glance at your logo, potential customers should be able to get a fairly good idea of what your business can do for them. A pretty logo is only worth the money if it achieves the branding aim of delivering a message clearly.
  3. Be memorable
    Make sure your branding doesn’t just let you blend into the rest of the industry. Take inspiration from those businesses around you, but make sure you have a point of difference that makes your business memorable over others. If your business occupies a niche in the market, make sure your branding portrays this.
  4. Be consistent
    Once your brand has been created, it must be used consistently across all channels. Your website, brochures, business cards, documents, your office – everywhere your business exists, it must be recognisable and memorable. Stick with your colour palette, fonts and writing style. Keep it simple.
  5. Be active
    Don’t just build your brand and leave it. You must stay on top of it. Remember, branding encompasses everywhere your business exists – so you need to monitor and manage your activities closely. Keep an eye on social media, monitor reviews and respond promptly to feedback. The quicker you dissipate any negative energy, the more credibility your business gains.

It is essential to get your branding right from the get-go. There is  little point of building a wonderful business model if no-one can remember who you are.

For examples of the branding we have created for our clients, visit www.jump-online.com.au/portfolio.