How to tell the difference between good and bad curtains

How to tell the difference between good and bad curtains

Curtains are perhaps the first window covers. Blinds and shutters came only in the later 1700s. Kings and queens used curtains. The light and soft nature of curtains make them really luxurious. Moreover, curtains make your room look full.

Modern curtains are available in hundreds of designs and colors. There are block-out curtains, designer curtains, thick shade-like curtains, silky luxurious curtains, and more stylish curtains.

But, it’s really difficult to pick good curtains. Now, lots of people buy curtains online. Hence, you should know some key features to choose the best curtains for your home.

The below discussion may help you to choose high-quality shop curtains online and offline. So, read the discussion and know the differences.

How To Tell The Difference Between Good and Bad Curtains

1) Fabric

Fabric is the first thing that you should look for. Good curtains never feel too heavy. But, that doesn’t mean that lightweight fabrics are good.

A curtain that drapes gracefully is called a good curtain. So, choose a fabric like silk, linen, velvet, tapestry, and mixed-cotton. You should not choose nylon or polyester.

An inferior quality curtain may not survive long. Because Sun rays can damage a curtain. So, you should buy a curtain that can tolerate sun rays.

2) Colors/Designs

Inferior quality curtains are not machine washable. If you wash them frequently, then the colors on them begin to fade. Moreover, bad curtains will lose their colors fast.

A curtain absorbs most of the sunlight. So, you should only buy supreme quality curtains.

Apart from that, a bad curtain may not have good designs. Because weaving or stitching never attend their full potential on a bad fabric. Bad quality fabric may have some prints on them. But, these prints fade away quickly. So, buy curtains that have great designs and permanent colors.

3) Softness

It’s needless to say that soft and comfortable fabric is the best fabric. A bad quality curtain may look good. But, these curtains have roughness on them. Moreover, bad quality fabric can’t block light properly. A soft thick curtain can block light and these curtains can retain heat. So, to retain your room temperature and to block sunlight, you need soft and thick curtains.

4) Glossiness

Many people overlook this feature. A glossy fabric looks luxurious and it also reflects the quality. But, some fabrics are just shiny and they are not glossy.

A great quality fabric has a natural glossiness. But, cheap and inferior quality curtains shine temporarily. So, their shines are lost quickly. That’s why choose a curtain that has natural glossiness.

5) Pleats

If you are not buying blackout curtains, the you should concentrate on pleats. Pleats or folds can give your curtains a new life.

Low-quality curtains will never offer you versatile pleat options. So, go for great quality curtains and pick your stylish pleats.

6) Customized Vs Ready-Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains are bought by many people. These curtains often fit your room’s windows. But, you may not have the option to choose your curtain fabric. It’s just the designs that attract people. Therefore, choose customized curtains. Customization gives you the option to choose fabric, color, design, and style. Hence, customized curtains are a good option.

Australian homes face strong sun rays. That’s why your curtains should always be of great quality. Low-quality curtains have a short life span. Hence, go for good quality curtains and make your rooms look fabulous.