Does Your Website Copy have CRABS?

That’s right, CRABS. If you struggle to remember the rules for good web copywriting, just remember CRABS.

Chunky. Chunk it out – no huge sections of text. Use paragraphs, use headings, use bold and italic (sparingly). Think short, brief, digestable and no more than 5-6 lines. If you need to write more, use a ‘read more’ link to allow users to read further into the content if they want to.

Relevant. Content is king and we all know that, but it’s important to also believe context is king – the right information at the right time in the right place. Write your content for your users’ needs, not your own. Benefits before features. Also consider search engines by including keywords where possible (these are the words your users are likely to search for to find your website).

Accurate. Make sure your content is true and not just built up to try and impress your audience – honesty is key. Don’t over-promise.

Brief. As with the recommendation for small chunks of text, make them brief and relevance.

Scannable. Also together with chunky and brief, if you follow these rules your content will be easy for the user to scan the website and find what they want quickly and easily. To test this, try it out yourself, or get someone to try it for you.