Have you ever had a client that has suddenly made you doubt your ability or your worth? We all have – and it’s easy for it to let it get you down and spiral into a not-so-good place. Whilst criticism is unavoidable, it also allows us to reflect and perhaps learn a few hard lessons along the way.

That being said though, it’s important to recognise the lessons then dust yourself off and get moving again!

Aristotle quote

What if you had a metaphorical bucket full of things you could access when you needed a reinforcement of your intrinsic value and worth to your greater audience? Here’s some things you can do to gather your happy!

  • Create a folder in your email program and save the emails that make your soul happy! It could be a full email of praise, or even just a few little words like “you’re a lifesaver!”. Whatever makes you happy to read it the first time will boost your spirits the next time too.
  • Read through your testimonials page on your website. If you don’t have one, start one, and start asking your clients for their feedback. You’ll be surprised at how happy people are to do this for you if you are truly grateful!
  • Read through your reviews or ratings if you have these – and don’t worry if there’s negative ones in there. The good ones FAR outweigh the bad ones!
  • Grab some pretty pens and a notebook, and write out a few snippets of nice things people have said to you! Go through your emails, testimonials, reviews, Facebook posts etc – anywhere that has happy things you can draw from!
  • Chat to a close friend and tell them how you’re feeling… they’ll be able to give you the outsider’s perspective and convey to you how people REALLY see you, even if you can’t see it for yourself.

Most importantly, don’t EVER let criticism dull your sparkle. You can’t please all of the people all of the time – so in the words of Dory – just keep swimming! Keep on doing what you do best, learn from whatever you can and LET IT GO. Frozen sing-a-long anyone?!

Oh and if all else fails, go shopping… via the coast road. Works for me 😉