You spent valuable money on creating a branding strategy that effectively communicates what your business is all about. You built your reputation on awesome service and products, you’re absolutely rocking it! So, you want to make sure you utilise the money you’ve invested to grow your business and portray it in the best possible light. Yes?


It’s all well and good to create an awesome brand, but you need to maintain it and protect it like you would your very own baby!

Your brand is what your business looks like to other people – what they say about it, what they think about it, what they tell others about it. So it’s kind of important!

5 ways you can protect your hard-earned brand reputation

  1. Pick a style, and stick with it. Be consistent! If you attend events, make sure you look the same at every event! Set up your display the same way, use the same signage and banners, have the same sales processes and data collection processes/sheets.
  2. Know who you’re up against. If one of your main competitors is attending the same events as you, make sure you are on an even keel, or that you have an edge over them! Go the extra mile to make sure it’s YOUR brand they remember.
  3. Be on your guard. Always work on the ‘everyone knows everyone’ theory. Be professional and don’t bad mouth customers – you never know who knows who! Treat people how you would like to be treated.
  4. Seek feedback. If your regular customers are starting to drop off, or Facebook/website interaction has waned, start to ask why. Many customers will be happy to provide honest feedback – particularly if you give them the option to stay anonymous.
  5. Keep it real. The more genuine you are, the easier it is to maintain your brand! If your brand is you to a tee, then keep that up – that’s what you’ve built your reputation on, so stick to your winning formula!

How do you make sure you protect your brand?