With how busy 2015 has started for me, I need to take this advice!

  1. Take stock of exactly what’s on your plate and why it’s stressing you out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, lists lists lists! You could even call it your ‘problems’ list, and assign a solution alongside each item. Even just gaining clarity by writing everything down will allow you to breathe again.
  2. Have you got certain jobs that are hanging around on your to-do list? Identify why – are there roadblocks that you can overcome, to get these jobs ticked off your list? You’ll feel better once that job is ticked off once and for all!
  3. Outsource anything you can. If something is going to take you 5 hours of stress, but may cost you $100 to pay someone to do it for you – do it! It’s well and truly worth the investment into your health.
  4. Take time out. Switch off your devices, make a cup of tea, have a nap, go to the beach – whatever works for you. Even just a day of ‘no work’ can do wonders to recharge your spirit.
  5. Last but certainly not least – learn to say NO. Just be honest, if it’s going to stress you out more by adding to your workload, decline. No is not a dirty word!

As small business owners the buck generally stops with us – if we go down, there’s no-one to take over or do our job for us. We really need to take care of our health – mental as well as physical.

Do you have any more tips to minimise stress and the chance of burning yourself out? I’d love to hear them below!