3 quick marketing tactics you can put in place before Christmas

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are heaps of free tools available, and below are some tips that we recommend for EVERY business to put in place ASAP! Christmas is coming, but that doesn’t mean your marketing can suffer because you’re snowed under (pardon the pun).

1. Start an email database – even if you’re not ready to send a newsletter just yet

MailChimp is a free email marketing campaign tool, which allows you to send out newsletters, invites, reminders, announcements and pretty much anything else you can think of. Even if the idea of having to send out a ‘regular’ newsletter freaks you out right now, it’s a great idea to start collecting a database of email addresses so that when you are ready, you’ve got someone to send your newsletter to! It’s as simple as adding a quick sign-up form to your website, and MailChimp does the rest. You’ve already got a heap of email addresses you can add to your lists too – think clients, prospects, networking contacts, friends and family. As long as you give them the clear option to unsubscribe when they receive their first email, most people are happy with being added to your list (they’re fans of your business remember!)

We can design and set up all your MailChimp templates for you, add a sign-up form to your WordPress website, and talk you through how to use it – it really is simple when you know how, I promise! .

2. Schedule your social media

It’s already the middle of November, which means Christmas is only 7 weeks away, and it’s not called the silly season for nothing. While you’re busy finishing off projects and tying things up coming into the Christmas break, it’s easy to let your social media pages sit stagnant because you don’t have time to find things to post.

The solution – Facebook scheduling, or if you use multiple social media channels, you can consider using a tool like HootSuite or Buffer. All you need to do is set aside half an hour and schedule a post for the days leading up to Christmas. Simple!

3. Let your customers feel the love

Do you thank your customers when they give you lovely feedback? Do you thank people that have referred clients to you? Do you let your customers know that without them, your business wouldn’t exist? If not, why not consider hand-writing them a Christmas card to thank them for their support? We highly recommend special handmade cards from the very talented ladies at Mishy Moo!

Do you have any other suggestions to make life easier before Christmas hits? Do you take a well-deserved break over the silly season?